The Business of Strategy+Passion+Hope= Philanthropy

Philanthropy is not charity. It is the constant stewarding of our humanity through the desire to help, the desire to make a difference and the ability to collectively bring change.

In today’s world of local needs and global communities you must have the heart of a PHILANTHROPIST, the business strategies of a CEO…And the spirit of an ENTREPRENEUR.

In civic engagement, corporate social responsibility or personal philanthropic endeavors, evolving your methodology in how you find and use various resources and trends to forecast the direction of your growth strategy is singular. You cannot always go with what works for everyone else. Find what inspires and works for you and your constituents. Then build relationships and communication opportunities that afford you the preview to expand your thinking and stretch your capacity.

Philanthropy is a critical part of a holistic lifestyle, culture and business. Your participation in our humanity matters. Life is fuller when it is includes the uplifting of others.  Having a strategic plan in how you give and partner in the community as a person and/or a brand is not an option.                                                  

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