It’s unbelievable the number of opportunities lost to individuals and organizations due to their failing to understand the art of one basic principle. As a connector in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, I constantly see potential partnerships and alliances end before they ever get started.  In a world of constant distractions and scheduling changes, one can never lose the perspective of relationships. The principle is simple – it’s called the “follow-up”. They call and you call back. They email or text and you find 30 seconds to formulate a response with at least 140 characters.

It’s just like dating. The “follow-up” is key to breaking the first line of defense.  The entrepreneurial brand that experiences sustainable growth excels in its ability to garner appeal AFTER the first level of interest. The art of the pursuit is truly an art and it is nothing without the right level of follow-up.  If you’re not accountable to respond in a timely manner at the initial points of interest, perhaps you aren’t going to be responsive during a project or PR crisis that requires urgency. Study the art of the pursuit. Manage your connections and respect the leverage of establishing and building relationships in business.

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