As we enter the halfway mark of 2019, it is important to survey benchmarks on plans and lessons learned from 2018. It is essential that leaders, regardless of your management level, remain open to tweaking your newly configured 2019 strategies for growth and scaling. This kind of review does not mean that the plan you prescribed in January was flawed, but rather that it has flexibility for growth and that you have your eyes on the vision.

Partnerships matter and are key to your business’s community engagement and culture of philanthropic success; especially within your office team.

With the rules of engagement and emerging conversations in “philanthropic-equity” and CSR changing, mindfulness will help us understand our achieved or missed goals before the close of the fiscal year.

The way we do business in the non-profit sector is being challenge every day. Be fearless. Seek out unique opportunities on the frontline of innovation. Build internal focus groups and teams that strengthen your hand as a leader and bring diversity in every way to the table. See through a different lens. Do something new that will help you meet the goal before the end of the year.

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