Untold Story #95: Meet Iris Ivana Grant A World’s Greatest Women

With Annette Comer

“This woman was the daughter of a preacher in what was a very culturally diverse family.  There was a strong traditional faith in which she was taught to always look for commonalities among other races and ways of living. A studier of the cultural arts and musician, she studied classical music throughout college, but felt she wasn’t where she was meant to be. So, after college, she took a job in corporate and then a non-profit.  She came to realize she was a strategist who could view the world in an abstract way. And that with this innate ability, she was able to see what was broken in a system and put things in motion to change them.

Today everything Iris Ivana does is about social consciousness and seeing where problems exist that need to be solved.  She builds innovative strategies and tools to bridge the gap between profit and non-profit organizations and exposes the benefits each offer to the other. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Iris Ivana Grant. ” Annette Comer, March 2021


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